At Steele Dentistry, our dentists and team use intraoral cameras to get a better view of the hard-to-see spaces in your mouth, helping us more effectively evaluate and diagnose your dental health. This allows us to provide better service to help you take care of your oral health. Call our office at 303-278-3353 to set up an appointment with Dr. Kate Steele or Dr. Lakshmi Reddy and learn more about intraoral cameras in Denver, Colorado.

Intraoral cameras are small, pen-shaped devices used to create high-resolution images of your teeth, tongue, and oral cavity during an examination. It allows our team to view areas of the mouth that are typically more difficult to access in order to evaluate current conditions and help diagnose issues. We can also use them to easily follow up on the progress of a treatment.

Our camera shows images on a large monitor in real time, so both dentist and patient can easily see everything. We can also save any images in your file, and send them to you, a specialist, or your insurance company if needed. If you would to find out more regarding the advanced dental technology used by our dentists in Denver and Stapleton, Colorado, please contact our office today!