Fill in Your Smile With a Dental Filling

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If you have a cavity, Dr. Kate Steele may recommend a dental filling in Denver, Colorado, to restore the health and function of your tooth.

What is a dental filling?
A dental filling is a material that is used to restore a tooth that is damaged by decay back to its regular shape and function. The decay is removed and then the dental filling is used to fill the area.

Do I need a dental filling?
When you visit Steele Dentistry for your routine dental cleaning and exam, Dr. Kate Steele can diagnose tooth decay that needs to be treated with a dental filling. A small mirror will be used to examine the surfaces of each tooth. Our dentist uses other tools to examine any areas that look abnormal.

How is a dental filling placed?
Before placing a dental filling, Dr. Kate Steele will numb the area. The decay is then removed from the tooth and the area is shaped to prepare it for the dental filling. The area is thoroughly cleaned and checked. The filling material is then placed and shaped. If a composite dental filling (which is tooth colored) is placed, the material is placed in layers. Any excess filling material is removed and the final dental filling is shaped and polished.

If you would like to learn more about dental fillings and to set up your next visit, contact Steele Dentistry at 303-278-3353.