What is a Dental Emergency?

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Do you know what you should do during a dental emergency? Do you know exactly what emergencies should be addressed immediately or what you should consider in an at home dental kit? Naturally, you should call our dentist as soon as possible, but, there are several things you may be able to do to make your experience more pleasant.

For example, did you know that losing a tooth should be considered an emergency? If you lose a tooth, or if a tooth is dislodged, we suggest visiting our dentist as soon as possible. If you can visit our team quickly enough, we might be able to save your tooth. Of course, you’ll have to bring your tooth with you when you visit us. We usually recommend bringing the tooth in a glass of milk. Similarly, please try to avoid handling the tooth by the root.

If a tooth is broken, you should visit us as quickly as possible. If a piece of your tooth breaks off, please gather as many pieces as you can. However, a chipped tooth isn’t as serious as a cracked or fractured tooth. Still, please remember to save the piece of chipped tooth and schedule an appointment with us as soon as you can.

Finally, if you’re hoping to be prepared for an emergency, we suggest keeping gauze, and a container with a lid to store a broken tooth in, and a cold compress. If you’re interested in learning more about dealing with an emergency in Denver, Colorado, please don’t hesitate to give Steele Dentistry a call at 303-278-3353. Our dentist, Dr. Kate Steele, and our team are excited to hear from you.